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Whatever your recipe needs!


Whatever you recipe needs for basis or addition, we have it!


We have a wide range of spice, herbs and pulps all fresh and 100% organic. 


It's the best you will ever find against the best price. 


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You will never find a more variety of spices herbs and pulps.


Our products are carefully picked by hand and masterfully handled with the utmost care. 

Do what you love

If you work in the field of expertise that you love, you do not really have to work.

We at UNICOMTRADE are working as a family.

All of our employers are from nearby towns and villages and they work with the utmost love for their profession.

It is because of that we can guarantee the perfect condition and quality of our commodities and supplementaries.

We hope you can enjoy the taste and the love that's in our products.


     Kesselsesteenweg 6

      2500 Lier 



+32 486 463994

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