Our Greatest Hits


Some of our greatest products are well asked for so we have gathered them here for you to see. 


Your commodities and supplementaries specialist

Jalapeno Pulp


The Jalapeno pulp is a very sought after product.


We sell it in 180 KG Barrels all over the world. 

We get those fresh from our factories to us delivered.


If you want to make your hottest chili or best flavored steak sauce, this is the supplement you have been looking for. 


Order it taste it and your clients will be over the moon. 

And burning their stomachs out, so be careful. 

Spice and herbs dried 


You can't believe it till you see them in front of you on the workplate.


We have the best spices and herbs totally 100% organic, Fair Trade and no animal derivates or by products involved in any way. 


All is directly handled and freshly seived and carried to your doorstep by our careful logistic partners. 

Bulk and wholesale


The commidities and products are for a wholesale buyer the most interesting. 


We do sell to small customers but for the wholsale market we can be extremely price and quality sensitive and the sharpest in the industry. 


We urge you to look for yourself and contact our team.


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